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4ustralia is a True Blue Australian small business developed and owned by the Hill and Dolinsky family of Adelaide Australia, Alice Springs Outback Central Australia, Melbourne Australia and NSW Central Coast.

We Develop the Australian Regional Network and other emerging Australian and Global web projects

We are happy to help, you can contact us any time on our support line at 0423450493
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What is AUSREGNET and the ARN?

The Australian Regional Network provides an extensive, networked, portal style platform that allows the public to promote Australian Local Business and Community Groups, Post Local and National Events and Publish your Articles that work in hand with all classic Search and Social Media into every significant Australian Town, City, Coast, Valley or Region currently well more than one thousand united websites that YOU can harness.

Our basic product is the “Smart Ad” and "Smart Event" that allows a business or organisation to flexibly post search engine optimised information, maps and video. We encourage you to “Tell your Australian story” to your local community i.e who you are and why should the public chose your business over some cheap online or imported products

The important elements such as Opengraph Metadata and Keywords for Search and Social Media are automatically generated and nightly we invite the prime search bots in like rabid zombies to our little party and inspect your works

Genuine content through Organic Search indexed to Google, Bing, Duck Duck etc and may assist raise the search profile of the customers core or local websites.

The Platform is a custom Australian developed software and runs on the Scalable, Fast Rackspace Openstack Cloud.

The Public can Log In and Self Create Ads, Events and Articles the process is simple and easy and every Australian Mobile Phone or Facebook Account can instantly connect their account.

While the Smart Ads may provide you a regular and inexpensive sorce of incoming customers this development is constantly growing and every day we aim to improve some part of the network and its capability you can start as a Local Resident for Free, higher Levels are Community Leader, Local Business and National Business where you can find advertising rates from FREE to full service from $1 per month to less than $1 per website per year

Why are we here?

Mate, we are not here because we beleive our Government are Gutless Wonders for letting Australian Holden manufacturing die.. We are not here because we beleive the Government allowing the sale of Castlemaine Goldfields and the creme of our Victorian Gold to Asian owned Lion Gold was criminal... We are not here because we think allowing the sale of Cubby Station and more than 130 Million Acres of Australian Land to foreign ownership is tragically insane

We are here for YOU because we beleive in Australian Business, we beleive in Australian Products, Technology, Services and the Aussie Spirit. We beleive in Australian Towns, Cities and Australian Community and we ARE Genuine Aussie

So please tell your Boss, tell your friends, Promote your Community Group and tell your Business Story on MAITLAND.CITY today

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Is the Web URL MAITLAND.CITY For Sale?

A question throughout our large network of websites we often get asked. Most probably not. However if you are Australian and if you live in Maitland? We would rather create local Business, Tourism, Media and Government Partnerships to benefit Maitland in a Win Win way. In particular we are looking for local Web Developers, Maitland Videographers and partnership with Local Community Radio Stations and Maitland Local Newspaper. Lets work together to promote Australia, Lets have a chat Do give us a call

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